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I cannot thank you, Desiree and Doyenne Events, enough for making my 50th birthday party a wonderful success.  When I had given up the thought of it even happening, you gave me the encouragement and guidance to bring it to life! 


Desiree is competent, knowledgeable, organized and extremely professional.  When Desiree is on the job you don’t have to worry, your happiness is her motivation.  Her attention to detail and time management is so efficient.  She proves to be among the best at what she does.  The Doyenne Events team is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.


Doyenne Events, LLC, I appreciate you and all that you have done!  I wish you continued success!


Denise Brennen

Silver Springs, Maryland

"Very competent.  Very professional.  Thorough attention to detail.  An excellent planner.”   Those are just a few phrases I'd use to describe Desiree's way of conducting events.  


She also possess a wonderful, warm, and inviting personality.  I have never witnessed such efficiency when she had planned my retirement party. Everything was ready on time.  The food, advanced invitations, coordination with all the setups, and even the closing segment.



I would highly recommend Desiree's services for any event.  Put it in her hands and go to sleep.  By the time you'll wake up, it will all be ready.  Her commitment is gold.


Best wishes, and thanks again Desiree for all you have done for my party.


L. Kamlot

Montgomery Village, Maryland

"Thanks again for everything! You all did a fabulous job. Thanks for taking care of all the details especially when we were stressed or had something unexpected came up at the most inopportune time, you were there to take care of it quickly, effectively and professionally." 


Please pass on our heart warm appreciation and thanks to the rest of your team for making my wedding a day we will never forget. Many thanks. 


E. Johnson

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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